Wow, what a weekend! Inspiring, uplifting, moving are just a few words to describe it.

On Saturday afternoon I made my way to the O2 Arena with some family and friends in tow to perform with Rock Choir.

I joined my local Rock Choir last September attending weekly rehearsals where we sing uplifting rock, pop and Motown songs. I have found it to be a great opportunity to unwind, connect with a community, raise endorphin levels and just have some fun!

These rehearsals culminate in the ‘Big Sing’ at the O2 where Rock Choirs from around the country gather to sing together and WOW, what a show it was. To sing in unison with 16,000 other ‘Rockies’ was just amazing, needless to say there were several goose bump moments. 


Then on Sunday Andy Murray finally realised his dream of winning Wimbledon, amazing!

What I drew from both these events was about passion and dreaming BIG.

Rock Choir started in 2005 by a lady called Caroline Redman Lusher. Passionate about music she wanted to bring people together in their local communities and reawaken their love of singing. At first she taught weekly rehearsals in Farnham, Guildford and Godalming. 8 years later she has 60 Rock Choir Leaders running over 240 groups across the country and as a result she was able to bring together 16,000 people to sing in unison and established the UK’s favourite contemporary choir. That’s not and easy thing to do but she had passion and a BIG dream and she said there are bigger plans for Rock Choir over the coming years.

It certainly wasn’t an easy road for for Andy Murray but again, he had a big dream, passion, persistence, patience and focus. He got slated by the media many a time but he kept his eye on the goal.Caroline and Andy, two very different people with very different careers but very common traits I would say. Exif JPEG

I am sure both have made huge sacrifices in pursuit of their dreams, they probably had many people telling them they couldn’t do it and there have more thank likely been tears along the way but they never gave up on their dream. Can you imagine how they are feeling now? Euphoric I would guess.

So are you dreaming BIG? It saddens me to see so many people burying their dreams and not being who they were born to be. Winners! I would say it’s your duty to follow your dreams because you become the inspiration for others to follow theirs. Not just that but how many lives will you be changing as a result? Even if you positively impact just one person, in my opinion that warrants the journey but some how I think you will be impacting more than just one person because you see, success has a ripple effect. Caroline had invited her teachers from school to the event at the O2, including her music teacher, you can imagine how proud she must have been.

Question is, are you willing to do what it takes to get that dream? If you are, be prepared, you will have many hurdles to over come but the victory will be sweet!

Here is my advice to help make the hurdles more of a bump in the road than a brick wall,

*Get yourself a coach or mentor.
*Find your ambassadors, the people who believe in you even at those times when you don’t believe in yourself.
*Put it your dream on paper and remind yourself of it everyday!

So I encourage you to dream BIG and hang on to it like a dog with a bone and most importantly, take action!

I’d like to end with another song from Saturday which I thought quite fitting to this post, Star Maker, enjoy.

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