A little while back I saw two crazy articles in the Daily Mail and it reminded me why I don’t usually buy newspapers, because they are full of utter tosh!

The first was headlined – OMG! This gimmicky diet might just work.

It’s about a book written by a personal trainer, Paul Khanna under the pen name Venice A Fulton and was inspired by TOWIE, really need I say more?

The book promises to help you drop 20lbs in just six weeks, which is not that revolutionary. But what happens after the 6 weeks? See the downside of most ‘diets’ is that you can’t sustain then for long periods of time so as soon as you come off them the weight goes back on and sometimes more.

The other thing I felt uncomfortable about is its focus on ‘being skinnier than your friends’ totally the wrong message to be sending out, especially to young girls.


Here are some of the ludicrous suggestions in the book:

The book suggests that broccoli can be as bad as coke and that you must aim for no more that 120 grams of carbohydrates a day and that it makes no difference if you get all your carbs from cans of coke or a plate of broccoli. Well I’m sorry but it does. I agree that you should reduce your intake of carbs and opt for unprocessed carbs when you do have them. So I’m sorry Mr Khanna, it does matter where those carbs come from.

Stay away from smoothies. I partly agree with this one, don’t over do it with the fruit smoothies and juices as are high in sugar (particularly juices). Add vegetables to smoothies too as these have less sugar and try to eat whole fruit as then you are getting fibre too which slows down how quickly the sugar is absorbed into the blood.
Some fruits are high in sugar (high glycemic) like watermelon but a lot are medium like bananas and grapes. Apples, pears and grapefruit for example are low glycemic as they have a lot of fibre too. I’d also recommend having some good protein when you at fruit like a handful of almonds or a tablespoon of cottage cheese with an apple. This means you are getting a good balance of macro nutrients.

Don’t eat breakfast?
I think this has to be one of the worst pieces of advice ever. I do agree that exercising in the morning before you have breakfast is the best way to burn calories but that does not mean you should skip breakfast all together. You should consume a healthy breakfast soon after exercising.

Eat meals not snacks.
Yes and no, if you graze through out the day on healthy snacks and have smaller main meals its ok. It depends on you, if you are some one that is satisfied with 3 meals a day then that’s fine but some people need something in between to help keep their blood sugar stable. Just make sure they are low GI like nuts or carrot sticks with a bit of hummus.

The other ‘diet’ left me thinking that some people need their head tested above anything else.
It’s the ‘K-E’ or ‘drip diet’ and it’s where you are hooked up to a plastic feeding tube and you are drip fed 800 calories a day. It will cost you a mere £940 and involve you walking around with a feeding tube hanging out of your nose.

All to drop a dress size in 10 days. Apparently, there is a waiting list of self obsessed women in the USA and Italy wanting this and it’s only a matter of time before we see women (and maybe some men) walking around London looking like they have escaped from hospital.

It is a sad state of affairs when people go to such measures for the sake of vanity.

Whilst these fad diets books may sell because people are looking for a quick fix, many of them can be detrimental to your health. Focus on health every time, crazy diets may help you shift the weight but are you going to keep it off and remember skinny doesn’t allows mean healthy.

The programme I run has an average weight loss of between 3-8lbs in 5 days, it focuses on establishing healthy habits, you won’t be starving yourself and you will be eating food through your mouth, just as nature intended all at a fraction of the cost of the K-E diet.

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