It is the season to be jolly isn’t it? Well with some very alarming stats about Christmas such as:

Studies show that two out of three Christmas gifts are unwanted and that last year over 360,000 of those
unwanted gifts were already posted on Ebay by Christmas night.

It’s estimated that over half of adults in the UK use credit cards to fund Christmas and that it takes on average around 5 months to clear that debt.

It is a season that can be filled with guilt and arguments, unless you have the right tools.

So I have a little present for you, my friend The Coach with the Hat has put together a series of 2 minute
videos which are emailed to your inbox to help and support people through this time of year and it is FREE!

The videos are called Keep Calm and Carry on at Christmas, what a cool name right?
Covering topics such as:
*Effective present buying
*How to deal with the guilt
*Rejection and much more…

To find out more and claim your FREE gift click here now:

I really know you will enjoy these short 2 minute videos as they will help support and guide you through this time of year from stress into joy and happiness.
Happy holidays,

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