Now, I'm not a Royalist but you have to admit that the Queen is looking pretty amazing at 90 years old. And it's not just that she looks good, but to keep up with her demanding schedule she needs energy and stamina too.
So what's her secret?

Well, I think a lot of it has to do with her diet. The former Royal chef Darren McGrady eluded to what the queen eats in his book Eating Royally. He said she's not a foodie, but is firmly in charge of the menu she is served up. Her chef will send her a list of dishes and she will put a tick next to what she wants and a line through the things she doesn't, oh how the other half lives.

Here are the things I found most interesting,

The Queen seems to be going low carb.
She doesn't eat starchy carbs except for special occasions and dinner parties. She'll normally have grilled fish or chicken with a couple of vegetables. Apparently she's also a fan of big bowls of salads and fresh fruit.

She eats seasonally.
According to Darren McGrady, if they send her a menu with strawberries on it in January, she'll cross it off and add a comment to say 'don't sent me any GMO rubbish'. I'm with you on that one Ma'am.

It sounds like she limits her sugar intake.
McGrady said she'll have a very small slice of cake and rest will be eaten by the staff, with the exception of a chocolate biscuit cake. When it comes to this one she will have a small slice a day until she's eaten it all, not one else touches her chocolate biscuit cake. When she has afternoon tea she might have a couple of the sandwiches and she'll crumble the scones on the floor for the Corgi's.

She paces herself.
She has four small meals throughout the day. So breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. So no massive dinners for her majesty. She's obviously figured out what works for her and gives her sustained energy to meet the rigours of royal duties.

What else could have contributed to her long and good health?

Well, the Queen and Prince Charles are also fans of complementary medicine. The Queen is an advocate of homeopathy and apparently she always carries 60 vials of alternative remedies in a leather case whenever she travels abroad, just in case she falls ill.

As you probably know, Prince Charles has always been a champion of complementary medicine and has faced a lot of criticism for it, and while many may criticise people who follow alternatives, labelling them as stupid, I don't think anyone can accuse the Queen or Prince Charles of being ignorant, stupid or uneducated. I think he's brave for being so outspoken about this subject despite the criticism and for that I have a great deal of respect for him.

The Royals have used homeopathy for years going back to Adelaide, the wife of William IV and has been used by many monarchs since. Their doctors are trained on other complementary therapies such as osteopathy and acupuncture too. Finally, the Queen is the Patron of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.

I think the Queen has got it right, she's clearly found what works for her in terms of diet and she also has some balance with her love of chocolate, allowing herself a treat every now and again.

So as Her Majesty celebrates her 90th birthday may she continue to have good health.
Happy birthday Ma'am!

Prabha xo

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